Monday, April 27, 2009

Thinking Upstream!

ASSET-Eight launched its new member services area this past week - on Friday actually - and is excited to announce registration is NOW OPEN for the ASSET Educator Summer Institute "Think Upstream!" You will need to contact us - - if you have yet to acquire your member only services access login information. But make SURE you join us for this exciting professional development event in downtown Phoenix in June!

Registration is complimentary with your membership - so if you are ALREADY an ASSET Educator - just take the time to register on the roster and you are all set. The theme for the event couldn't be more timely - thinking out of the box, thinking beyond what is possible, empowering yourself as a classroom educator to be an element of change in your school, your district, and your career. Things are so hard right now in Arizona for education - and yet through difficult times come exciting new change and growth. Join us for an inspiring day with Austin Vickers, Lisa Henson and some fantastic sessions focused on problem-based learning and digital storytelling, STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math), and of course, early childhood. There really is something for everyone built into this special 1 day event.

Log in to the new member services area to find out where we got our inspiration - yes it came straight from the heart of PBS... to Be More EMPOWERED!

Contact us for any and all help - / 602-496-1104 - we look forward to celebrating the day with you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AIMS workout... a stretch break from PBS!

Take a stretch! I had the pleasure of helping a group of teachers who attended a workshop do this. I double dog dare you to have you and your students enjoy this stretch break during AIMS testing this week! Come on... you KNOW you want to. In fact... anyone brave enough to post a comment back and share they were brave enough to try this with their students - of any age.

CLICK HERE to work out with GROVER!