Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Weather Week" on Dinosaur Train

"Weather Week" on Dinosaur Train
February 6-10th
10:30 Am on PBS

“The Earthquake”
Monday, Feb. 6, and Friday, Feb. 10

The kids go on a playdate with Tank Triceratops to the desert where they meet Tank’s distant relative and experience their first earthquake. Mom and Conductor have prepared the kids with excellent advice about what do to in an Earthquake, so everyone does fine.Afterwards the kids visit the new nursery train to watch eggs hatch and try to guess which hatchling goes with which parents.

“The Forest Fire”
Tuesday, Feb. 7

When a forest fire comes to the woods not far from their home, the family takes the Dinosaur Train to an area where the fire already has been. It’s here that the kids see how new life is growing back after the devastating fire.When they get back to the train, they find that the train has added an aviary car where they find a lost bird who was displaced by the fire.

“Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace”
Wednesday, Feb. 8

When the dry times leave Pteranodon Terrace without water, the family goes on a camping trip to Big Pond to wait out the drought. Don doesn’t want to leave his home – even temporarily – so he works to perfect his “rain dance.”The family then takes the train to the Big Misty Sea, where they cheer for their dad in the annual fishing contest.

“Hurricane at Pteranodon Terrace”
Thursday, Feb. 9

When the rain returns to Pteranodon Terrace, it grows into a hurricane. The family – and their friends and neighbors – take shelter in a cave nearby. In the morning, they work together to rebuild the nests damaged by the storm.During the cleanup, the kids discover a turtle and a mammal who have washed up after the storm. They take the Dinosaur Train to get the two refugees back to their home in Appalachia.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Images of Arizona


Experience some of Arizona's most spectacular locations through the eyes and lenses of three renowned photographers. Join the photographers as they lead Arizona Highways workshops and see Arizona as it has never been seen before.
Explore Navajo country and the magical landscape of Monument Valley with one of America's greatest living landscape photographers, David Muench.
Get an insider's view of the vibrant Navajo Nation Fair and see the extraordinary beauty of Canyon de Chelly with award-winning Navajo photographer LeRoy DeJolie.
Raft the Colorado River, explore isolated side canyons, and view hidden waterfalls with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga.

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Barry Goldwater: Photographs and Memories



He is known worldwide as a politician and statesman, but this is the story of the man behind the camera and the passion for photography and Arizona that shaped his life. Narrated by Hugh Downs, the program features photographs taken during the 1930s and 1940s as Goldwatertraveled throughout Arizona capturing images of indigenous people and landscapes. It showcases Goldwater's photography, which has been exhibited in galleries from Milan to Tokyo, and recalls a life in Arizona that is gone forever.

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Kolb Brothers: Grand Canyon Pioneers



In the early 1900's, a young man by the name of Ellsworth Kolb arrived at the Grand Canyon to seek adventure. He saw beauty that he had never seen before and was joined by his brother, Emery, within a year. They founded a photographic studio at the Bright Angel trailhead. It started out as a cave, then over a couple years was transformed into a two story structure. They filmed their many adventures, including rafting down the Colorado!

Their Art Exhibit