Thursday, August 30, 2012

PBS LearningMedia
From watching blood cells evolve, to identifying main ideas, PBS LearningMedia meets the needs of a wide variety of students and teachers. The modules are research-based and range in tone and style of presentation. To learn more, please visit

Amazon Rainforest features spectacular images of this
region. The module describes how the plants and animals
of the rainforest are used for a variety of people,
both commercially and personally. Finally, the module
warns of how the rainforest is being overused and
overtaxed. It urges for wiser, more sustainable use of its resources.
Includes Background Essay, Discussion Questions and Transcript.

     ¡Arte y Más! Hot Chocolate features a demonstration of  how to prepare hot chocolate by mixing chocolate with hot milk. The demonstrator chants El Chocolate while mixing the ingredients. The series was created for primary-level
Spanish-speakers and features topics from culture and humanities.

                          Includes Background Essay,
                      Teaching Tips, and Chocolate and
                                      Coloring Page.                                                                           

Fridge Magnet Game is an interactive set of games             
designed to increase knowledge of grammar.
Students click on magnetic words in order to
create sentences on a fridge. Through a process of trial-and error, students improve their vocabulary, grammar, and syntax knowledge.
Includes Background Essay and
Discussion Questions.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Introducing... Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!
Enter Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and watch as Daniel interacts with other Neighborhood members, including O the Owl, Mrs. Elaine, and Father and Mother Tiger. Watch as he learns valuable lessons. Each episode includes valuable social and emotional strategies for preschoolers.

Daniel and O the Owl are on a camping trip with their father.
O is afraid of the camping ground because he has never been there.
He looks around the camping ground.
He learns the camping ground can be fun.

Strategy: See what it is, you might feel better (Daniel learns new things are not so scary).

Mrs. Elaine is eating with the family.
She tries some herself and is proud that she did - even if she did not like it. Mrs. Elaine encourages the children to try food that they have never tried.
She tries some herself and is proud that she did - even if she did not like it.

Strategy: Try a new food, it might taste good!

Daniel wants to make banana bread for his mother.
He and his father go to a factory and learn about the process.
They share the meal with their mother.

Strategy: Making something is one way to say "I Love You."

Daniel and his friends are playing in the park.
He does not want to share his toy car, but he does it anyway.
He learns to share when he knows it will be returned.

Strategy: You can take a turn, and then I'll get it back.

Daniel and his family are making a playhouse.
Daniel is discouraged because he cannot contribute to the playhouse his father his making. He speaks with his father.
His father shows him ways to contribute and he learns to contribute.

Strategy: Everyone is big enough to do something.

What is the best part??! Parents and teachers can find great resources online to use with children from PBS and Fred Rogers:

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