Monday, May 4, 2009

We Appreciate You

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This is the one time of year - separate from Christmas and last day of school - when we ALL get to really celebrate how much we appreciate teachers. Not those of us who have children in the classroom, but also those of us who work with teachers, and really anyone who wants to thank a teacher who made a difference in their lives.

Recently I have had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my former yearbook staff members through Facebook. Thankfully they were kind enough to accept my friendship offer - or pass my name along to others who they knew I would know. This couldn't be more rewarding! It is a feeling of satisfaction and pride I read through their profiles and find some have become teachers, some have become doctors, some are pursuing additional higher education. They remember my oldest two children from when they were toddlers and get to see where I am at now in education and my work with Eight and ASSET. I am as full of gratitude for them having been my students and teaching me many things about life and fun and writing as I hope they are to have had me as a teacher.

Never under estimate the power and influence you have in a young person's life... whether that person is 3 and exploring all there is about the world and books and messy crafts or whether you are helping that struggling child in 2nd grade really learn how to read despite a learning disability. Even those scary middle school kids come home from school excited about the latest science experiment they did making crystals (yes, my son at 13) and the high school students quietly admit how much they appreciate your help studying for a test (noted by Millenium High School teacher, husband). You are facing very difficult times in education in our state, and yet you are continuing to be just as valuable in the eyes of each of those students you work with, and their parents who count on you in the trenches every day.

Thank you! We appreciate you!


James Scott said...


It is my favorite week of the school year. I have my students write letters to their favorite teacher (can't be me). We actually send them-or I place them in their boxes. Teachers love it! I've got responses from as far as New Hampshire.

Gail said...

The same thing is true with my graduating Senior English class. They wrote to the teacher they felt had the most impact on them. Usually its the elementary or high school teachers that are recognized, but not this time- there were many stand out teachers from middle school that the students felt made a difference in their lives. The students liked reconizing these teachers,discussing their attributes with eachother, and taking that stroll together down memory lane.
On the flip side, I was contacted by a former student who was being deployed to Afghanistan. His emails and pictures were a catalyst for our Key club to partner with a soldier support organization. You just never know when you will touch someone's life or them yours. Isn't it great being a teacher:-)