Friday, February 26, 2010

What Inspires You?

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” — William Arthur Ward

Show us how you inspire your students and you could win a behind-the-scenes trip to the Premier Annual PBS Event! America’s teachers innovate every day.ARIZONA’s teachers innovate and INSPIRE every day.

From math and science to music and the arts, your inventive thinking continuously fuels, inspires and engages young minds. Whether you teach your students physics with rocket launchers, social studies by re-enacting historical events, or literature by inviting kids to create digital stories, you are innovating and making a difference – and we want to recognize and thank YOU! PBS and local public television stations invite you to enter the PBS Teachers Innovation Awards!

What is in YOUR application for PBS Innovative Teacher of the Year? YOU are doing good things for YOUR STUDENTS right HERE in YOUR CLASSROOM! Share your innovation, Share your inspiration! Be RECOGNIZED for all the great things you do! Don't hesitate! Click here RIGHT... NOW!

Need some MORE inspiration? Look to PBS programming... look to other examples in the community... see who else is getting recognized and THEN wait no more... and THROW YOUR HAT INTO THE RING!

Be MORE Inspired * Empowered... and most importantly... Celebrate!

Are you making plans to attend? Get inspired by what is happening in our own community: Eight, Arizona PBS, Be More Awards Celebration! Locally there are all sorts of organizations and community members who go out of their way to offer service above and beyond.

Find out about the administrators who are so inspiring they have been hand selected by The Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona! Learn more about the Arizona Teacher of the Year, Jill Weiss, and all the Arizona Ambassadors of the Year... click here! Find out more about grants and awards here locally from the Arizona Technology in Education Association. They can inspire and award also!

See... no matter your role in education.. YOU have something to offer. Show us! Be a part of what is happening that is GOOD in Arizona education! Let PBS have a chance to recognize YOU!

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