Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Masterpiece... Diary of Anne Frank

A twitter party just ended for those in the Eastern Time Zone but for those of us on Pacific Time the journey is just beginning. Explore the incredible resources available for educators. Webinar details from earlier in the week give resources and insights into the production. Hear what producers of the show and experts from the U.S. Holocaust Museum have to share.

The directions PBS takes projects now abounds! Explore this video diary project you can have your students participate in! Find out more about Anne Frank as a writer.

Created for middle school and high school students, the guide features strategies that support classroom viewing and discussion, tips on using the diary as a springboard to explore intolerance and racism and new ways to encourage students' own self-expression.  

Consider forming a book club if you are not teaching the book this time of year. The teachers' guide is designed for middle and high school students but the book club discussion questions offer incredible opportunity for parents and pre-teens/teenagers to have discussion and focus on key points in the book, and the broadcast.

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