Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Day

Today is a very special day in a very special week. Have you sent a note today to YOUR favorite teacher? How have you honored the teacher who made the biggest impact in your life? PBS Parents offers some wonderful ideas in their SuperSisters blog for helping your children creatively honor their teachers! Take a peek by clicking here.

A mom I work with received this note from her daughter today on Facebook and I asked her if I could share it:
"You are still the most important and my first teacher. I use the caring and wisdom I learned from you every day in my teaching! What better legacy?!
                                                                                     Happy Teacher's Appreciation Day!"

While we send thank you notes and hugs and appreciation to all our classroom teachers this week and today especially, don't forget to also thank your parents who were your first teacher. If you are a parent, I hope you will take time to think about what you teach your children - directly and indirectly. Explore the PBS Parents Child Development Tracker and give yourself some praise for helping your child or children accomplish the many milestones it takes to finally reach preschool and kindergarten! Celebrate the steps along the way and make sure you thank the teachers who helped you become who you are!  (Thanks included in the picture posted above to my dad reading with his grandson, my son!)

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