Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Deadline is Approaching... and the Curriculum Deserves a Review as Well!

Where will you go in life? Your journey awaits you—apply now and invite your friends to apply by going here: http://roadtripnation.com/participate/apply.php

Last spring I had the honor of sitting at a table at a full day meeting with one of the creators of Roadtrip Nation.  At the time I didn't do my homework and go back and do research.  Completely my loss!  However, there is no time like the present, and while educators may have some time to do some exploring over the next couple of weeks I am hopeful they will take the time to see the resources I have recently fallen in love with on Roadtrip Nation.

The curriculum is rooted in 21st C skills, school to work, drop out prevention, career readiness.... all those things we want our graduates to have... and can be to be woven into discussions in homeroom or advisory periods, social studies or English.  There are career segments that can fit as well if you do keyword searches.   It is natural for high school and a consideration for middle school.  There are contribution opportunities for online interaction.  There are streaming video segments and connections to what students may see on AZ-PBS if they are channel surfing late on a Saturday night.  The new season is underway and applications are even being accepted for the 2011 Roadtrip!


The screencapture shows how, with a free login as an educator you can set up a course and have your students participate with you! Or, if you simply want to just watch portions of the show and read comments and post anonymous quotes with your students, you can do that as well.  Your level of participation is up to you.  http://roadtripnation.org/rtnexperience/ 

Learn more about the curriculum and bring it to your school and district.  Download a brochure as a start...  No matter what roadtrip your holiday takes you on this season - enjoy!  Consider sharing it with PBS and pass the application for a 2011 trip opportunity on to a worthy young adult in your life.

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