Thursday, October 20, 2011

Humanity Festival - Eight's Events!

Saturday October 22, 2011

Civic Space Park

424 N. Central Ave, Phx



9-10am Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing?: Collaborating in Class and Online, Grades 3-8

Presented by Julie D. Ramsay

Through Julie’s inspiring stories, participants will begin to develop ideas for encouraging innovation, creative problem solving, and productive citizenship in young people. Join Julie in this exclusive “Arizona Humanities Festival only” Classroom 2.0 interview hosted by Dr. Peggy George.

noon-1pm, 2-3pm Professional Development Hours for the AZ Humanities Festival! Extend Your Learning

Presented by Mark Becker AZ

Put your learning to use in your classroom. What have you attended today at the festival? How can you apply it to your curriculum and embed it in your teaching practice? Combine it with digital resources from PBS that are available online and extend what you have done today.

PBS Learning Media provides instant access to over 14,000 classroom-ready, digital resources including video, interactives, audio, images and detailed lesson plans. You can search, save and share easily. Stop by the ASSET-Eight Educational Outreach Computer Lab for a hands-on demonstration. If you attend, you can create a free account and begin searching for classroom resources. (session repeated)

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