Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introducing PBS LearningMedia!

Looking for more quality educational content online? Then, look into our new website, PBS LearningMedia. It features outstanding educational content, organized into a library of media content. The library includes thousands of resources on a variety of subjects, including English and Social Studies. The library includes professional development resources, as well as best-in-class resources. PBS LearningMedia was made possible due to the collaboration of public media producers and partners. It was designed to engage both teachers and learners.
Highlights of PBS LearningMedia include that it is cost–effective. In addition, the resources are research-based and curriculum-targeted. Videos are designed to meet state and national standards.
PBS LearningMedia features three levels of engagement. The three service options are Basic, Custom and API. Basic is free and offers thousands of high-quality, digital resources. The Custom option includes more enhanced features, such as reports and analytics dashboard and a teacher-managed student access. Finally, the API version offers organizations flexibility to embed content into the existing digital portal. With the API version, the PBS LearningMedia works with the local team to integrate school-specific needs.
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