Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeding Our Minds and Bodies

Produce for Kids (PFK) is a great resource for helping parents and kids understand the benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise. PBS KIDS partners with PFK to spread the word, and so I wanted to forward the information on to you.

You can find PFK at There is a collection of links providing ideas for addressing nutrition and exercise in your classroom as well as some great kid-friendly recipes.
Another great place to find resources about kids and food is at PBS Parents. Go here to see all they have to offer.

These are both great resources and I encourage you to take a look and pass them on.


Maria said...

This is a huge deal! As teachers, as parents, as responsible adults, we need to face these issues. When I am teaching I consider myself a role model in everything that I do and diet is definitely one of them. I used to eat lunch with my students often, when others took a quiet sans child break, I still sat with my students! They often questioned or giggled at my food choices, but I am willing to wager that the amount of vegetables that I ate, surely rubbed off on them a little bit! I think this article is great...definitely investigation worthy! Thank you! Maria

Kim Flack said...

20/20 or one of those shows did a segment a while back on the power of characters on kids' food. It was really interesting to see that kids would even choose a rock with a picture of Dora on it, over a mini bag of carrot sticks with nothing on it. If the power of characters can work to get some of our fussiest eaters to try healthy new foods, I'm all for it :)

James Scott said...

I have a student this year in my math class who would be labeled as "lazy" by most teachers. We met with Mom and discussed our concerns of his hard efforts to do nothing. He mentioned when he goes home he plays video games until bed. We suggested going outside for an hour after school, doing homework, then video games. That hour of exercise has made a huge difference in hi alertness and attitude in class.

On another note I had a real bad toothache which turned out needing a root canal, but took some time to line things up (about 2 weeks). I couldn't eat vegetables or fruits from the pain. By the end of the 2 weeks I felt depressed, no energy, and uneasy. Once the tooth was fixed and I could go back to eat veggies within a day I was much better. We are what we eat! :)