Monday, October 20, 2008

Teaching That Makes Sense

Another teacher at my site discovered a wonderful website with posters, downloadables, lesson plans and more. The focus of the website is primarily reading and writing, but there is a wealth of information that can be used by teachers of all subject areas.

Web address:



Kim Flack said...

Wendy! What a fabulous resource! The PDFs alone are worth the trip to the website.

So often we are looking for ways to work with parents and need some strategies too. I loved his essay about Leave No Parent Behind -

Thanks for sharing!

Lori Nelson said...

I loved this web site! I was sitting at my computer at 3:00am, waiting for the next-door neighbors to decide they'd had enough fun for one Friday night. I found the web site, and immediately forgot the neighbors, my head cold, and everything else, as I sent off an ecstatic email to our school mail list. I included the graphic organizers as incentive for our teachers to explore the site...I know they will love it. Thanks!

Gail said...

Wow..This is great! Thank you:-) There is a wealth of useful resources. I will definitely pass this along at my school,the middle and elementary too. There seems to be something for everybody. Great find!

James Scott said...

Reading and writing is essential in all subject matters, so this is relevant to everyone. I love this site-thanks for the resource. It even got added to my bookmark-not an easy thing for any site to accomplish with me.

Lori---Do you live near me? My next door neighbors work on cars util all hours of the night (even took one apart and reassembled in their backyard)-guy behind me plays his music loud every night-except those he' not screaming at his kids ruining their self-esteem.