Monday, July 13, 2009


The WordGirl Summer Road Trip airs July 13-17 on PBS KIDS GO! and Eight-AZ PBS.

Check local listings for air times on and view episode segments live online at ASSET Kids!

The WordGirl Summer Road Trip features:
  • “Robo-Camping”

  • “Who Wants Candy?”

  • “Theme Park Wham-Page”

  • and “Highway to Havarti”

While you are watching, don’t forget to pack these activities for your trip!

Click on the link from WordGirl's Announcement to get to these activities!

There are ASSET lesson plans tied to the Arizona Academic Standards to help you make the most of WordGirl in your classroom.

Consider these activities and online resources for your back-to-school planning AND become an ASSET Educator to take advantage of great discounts for your end of summer classroom purchases. Join during the week of WordGirl’s Summer Roadtrip and receive a special WordGirl luggage tag!

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