Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tech4Learning- An Awesome ASSET Partner

This year as part of the ASSET Innovator incentives, I got to learn more about Tech4Learning. We even received free software from the company. I chose Frames and actually got a private lesson from Carolyn Daly- a rep from the company- when she was in Tucson. I shared this software with a third grade teacher in the Marana School District and was amazed first by the software and then by what could be achieved using this software.

The third grade was working on biographies of famous people. The students read the biography and created a 5 minute speech about the person. They spoke and dressed up as if they were the person. The school put on a Wax Museum where all of the students stood and people could go around and push their paper button in order for them to tell who they were and what they did. That part was awesome all by itself, but then we continued this by using Frames. Every child was photographed twice on a blue screen. That was an adventure all by itself since there were 130 students. Then we had every student record their speech in Frames. The last step was done by teachers since we only had 4 copies of this program. The blue screen was replaced with back drops of landmarks associated with the famous person and movement was placed in the program. When finished, a small flash movie was created with movement and sound. Every child received a disk with their own presentation on it. Since then that school has bought enough copies of this software to use in the lab. We are hoping to have the kids create their own movies next year.

I was so glad that I was a part of this and I realize it probably never would have happened if I hadn't had that introduction through the ASSET Innovator Program. This is just one small part of what can happen through ASSET. There are so many more learning possibilities out there.

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