Thursday, January 7, 2010

5th Grade Thoughts on... The Human Spark!

Much thanks to Mrs. Denise Lundberg and her 5th grade students at Barbara B. Robey Elementary School in Litchfield Park for providing us some feedback on the first of three programs in the series, The Human Spark. Denise had attended Tuesday evening's event at Arizona Science Center and seen Jared Lippenworth speak about the series (including some fun behind the scenes tales). Her inspiration from the evening led about two-thirds of her class to tune in last night for the series premiere!

Here is what they had to say:

Dear Mrs. Flack,
The show the Human Spark was very interesting because they talked about how we became human. They showed how cavemen used to live and how they used their weapons. I learned that we are similar to the chimpanzees except for 1%. I am going to watch the next one.

Dear Mrs.Flack
I thought that the show The Human Spark was wonderful. I thought it was so interesting and how we are 1 percent chimpanzee. The facts in the show were cool.
Mrs.Lundberg's student Lindsey

Dear Mrs. Flack,
I thought your show The Human Spark was very interesting. It was very cool when the show showed the skulls and talked about how we developed into our human form. The part that was really interesting was when they were in the cave finding stuff about the Neandratols.
Natalie N.

Dear Mrs.FLACK,
I thought the human spark was so cool and interesting. I thought the best part was the spear part. I can’t wait for the next one.
Isidro R.

Dear Mrs.Flack,
I thought the show The Human Spark was awesome. It also creeped me out. It was interesting because it had a lot of skulls and it told me what evolution was like.
Mason R.

Honestly, with that kind of ringing endorsement, do you have any reason to not run to your DVR and set it right now to record next week's episode in the series, the 2nd installment of The Human Spark? Join us on Wednesday, January 13, at 8 pm on Eight - Arizona PBS, and find out more online:!

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