Sunday, January 24, 2010

Emma... all a twitter?

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if you watch as it premieres. PBSTeachers "tweets" the latest: A reminder that @masterpiecepbs "Emma" Live Twitter party is this Sunday! #emma_pbs Since other timezones have already started the party... you can jump in at any time and see what others had to say!

The Jane Austen series continues in PBS Masterpiece Theater! Watch a trailer and set your DVR! Emma will also be available for viewing online through March 2010. Explore this classic in depth and watch episode by episode on demand.

Rediscover the ASSET eNewsletter that highlighted this series and learn more about this literary legend. Find resources tied to Arizona Academic Standards and look for other resources to embed in your curriculum with these timeless classics.

The most beautiful thing in the world is a match well made.
~ Emma Woodhouse

Just for fun take a compatibility quiz and see which of Emma's men are right for you!

Learn what makes Emma a literary classic with background essays from the Clawton House Library:

In more recent times, however, Emma has been recognized as the best example of Jane Austen's technical perfection — it shows an author at the height of her literary skills. As an example of a novel that can be read and reread while finding something new in each rereading, Emma is hard to beat. It should certainly be included in any list of reading for a twenty-first century wannabe heroine or hero!

Make this timeless classic relevant to your 21st Century learners and share highlights from the website, from the twitter feed, and comments from viewers across the United States right into your literary classroom discussion. Emma offers messages for today just as she did all those years ago when first imagined by Jane Austen.

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