Saturday, November 20, 2010


This past Wednesday, I was privledged to attend the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce annual DATOS Focus on Arizona’s Hispanic Market 15th annual breakfast. My colleague, Michelle, had raved about it and had told me often it would be something we would love. I was most definitely in agreement as soon as the morning began.

The music, the warm greetings, the eggs and salsa :) of course... but the multimedia the grabs you... and reminds you why you are so proud to live in Arizona and be a part of the Southwest... the host of the morning engages us with his lively banter between the distinguished guests and introductions of the keynote speakers as he tries to solicit tips from the priest who leads the invocation. (jokingly of course!)

An Iowa-born girl but raised in Arizona since age 8 I find myself proud of Arizona despite all the crazed political landscape of recent months. I am fascinated by the DATOS 2010 statistics shared by ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business Professor Emeritus, Dr. Louis Olivas. His talented team of graduate students have crafted a beautiful presentation under his guidance and I type notes into my "Plurkoid" app on my Droid as fast as my thumbs will let me, having been silly to not bring a notepad with me.

Dr. Olivas presentation is followed by Keynote, Hector Orci, President, Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA). I find later he is one to Google... as his professional education work has much to offer our students and we could use his work in our classrooms.

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