Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Web 2.0 Challenge... thank you Discovery!

A gem found on Facebook from a good friend was worth sharing. She hosts all sorts of online professional learning communities and webinars for educators and I can only participate in a fraction of them. But... when I do, I am always so glad I have taken the time to participate. The content is always top notch and I walk away with resources I can share with other educators. The educators who are there wind up with resources they can implement into their teaching practices in the next few weeks.

Take a look at this fantastic challenge shared by the Discovery Educator Network at their latest Fall online conference! It is a Web 2.0 challenge to incorporate these tools into your teaching with strategies and steps to make the tool relevant to your classroom. http://tinyurl.com/23d6z8k Enjoy and share with a colleague. It will most definitely make it more fun!

If you're feeling REALLY BRAVE... maybe come back and share a comment or two about a tool you have tried and what worked (or didn't) as well.

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Mr. said...

I love Day 27 - Podomatic. i have an account with which my students do the announcements for the school and they love doing it. it has helped with speech, literacy, vocalizations, creativity, writing and editing skills as well as some research skills. I will use this website for a long time.